The Animal Show


Language: English

Illustrated by Marcos Farina
Written by Mara-Elisabeth Niebius

Board Book
Ages 0 and up
Full colour, cardboard material, 24 pages
15 × 15 cm

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Showcasing animals big and small, from beloved pets to friendly beasts, The Animal Show helps develop an awareness of the animal kingdom for very young children. Printed on thick cardboard, this book opens the Little Gestalten library for minds that are very new to the world. Graphic and bold, the illustrations in a retro style depict various animals going about their daily activities. Intended to support early development, this visual board book introduces monkeys, bears, owls, sloths, penguins, pelicans, ants and woodpeckers in ten pairs, exercising children‘s comprehension in a fun way that brings babies, toddlers and grown-ups alike joy.